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Sep. 17th, 2008

Shopping and cooking

I went shopping yesterday was looking for a new home for Buffy and Willow (my fish) but all too expensive so for now they will have to wait but they told me that they were still happy with their current home as long as I keep Harvey (my cat) away from their bowl.

Today I made some chocolate crackles and am also planning on some Gingerbread men if I get time.  Although this may not happen as I also need to do some ironing and wash the floors. 

Plus yesterday when shopping I got Jericho season two which i'm really happy about watched the first episode last night.  And then I wanted more.....

Sep. 14th, 2008

(no subject)

Oh gosh!
I forgot about live journal. I will try to remember more from now on. lol. um well what have i done since last entry which I cant even remember what I said.  Well I had a holiday to the Uk and Paris which was lots of fun.  I turned twenty nine and yes i am writing it out so this journal is a little longer of course there is lots I could say but at the moment i am very tired and forgetful in my old age.
Stay tuned but dont forget to breathe and eat etc cause i might not be here if i forget again.

Jan. 23rd, 2008

Challenging myself

I think? I joined a fitness community on here to challenge myself to get fit.  If I tell others about it I will hopefully do something about it.  So a bit about me. 

I used to do karate for 5 yrs but for the last 10 months due to a new job have been unfortunately unable to get to classes which i'm disapointed about, i also live out of town so cannot just pop down to the gym.

Sooo I am challenging myself this week to start eating healthier, lots of fruits, cutting out night time sweets, exercise for at least half an hour each day and drink lots of water.

Heath Ledger

I first knew when my partner called me about nine o'clock this morning and I still cant believe it.  ACCIDENTAL deaths like this are always really bad, my heart goes out to his family and friends.  I remember him first in "Roar" which I only recently was happy to refind on dvd.  He was a great actor and will always be remembered everytime we watch something that he was in.

Jan. 22nd, 2008

Writer's Block: When I Grow Up...

What do you want to be when you "grow up?"
 I want to be a nurse or something with my hands like massage

Jan. 21st, 2008

mummy dearest

Regan had her first pups last night.  She had 2 boys and a girl.  Every thing went well and she is being very protective of them which is good.

Dec. 1st, 2007

Doing the monkey thing

This is a story for a friend.  Made up just now.

P monkey likes to run around banging on his chest because thats lots of fun and what sexy monkey men do to win the ladies.  One day P monkey was running around the forest pounding on his chest and getting carried away by his excitment as he imagined how impressed the ladie monkeys would be, when jumping out of the tree in front of him was the monkey ladie of his dreams.
"What are you doing?" she asked him
"I'm making myself irresistable to you" p monkey replied
"how is pounding your chest and making noise? so irresisable?" s monkey asked?
"i dont know" p monkey says "all the other monkeys are doing it"
with this s monkey replied "i only like unique monkeys not monkey see monkey do monkeys, can you be unique?"
"whats unique?" asked p monkey
"something different" s monkey says "maybe some romance"
"whats romance?" questioned p monkey
"doing something that i'd like" s monkey smiled
"what do you like doing" p monkey questioned
"i like bananas" replied s monkey with a naughty grin
"so do i" said p monkey
"ahh, but i mean a different banana" naughty s monkey replies and jumps up into the trees
"whats she mean?" p monkey was left scratching his head
"oh this is fun, scratching my head, i'm sure s monkey will be back" so p monkey went off into the forest on his merry scratching way.

Nov. 30th, 2007

Tree alert

Harvey discovered trees today well a tree.  He was trying to sneak up on a chook then it turned towards him made a noise and harvey ran away and something was in his way so he jumped on it and found he could climb up it and was very high when he realised how much fun it was until he started miowing when he couldnt get down so me his mummy had to reach up and help him out. ahh fun times being a kitten.

Linking it all

I finished checking the links on my website today and as far as i know they are all right now.  Plus I added a couple new pages.


Still got a long way to go yet though, more ideas i want to do.

Nov. 29th, 2007

Car Troubles

Ok so went to my test exam which was an hours drive nearly from home and I think I went ok with it at least half right maybe hopefully more then I left and started my car.

But nothing happened, battery was flat (i'd left my lights on so nervous) so did a ring around called my boyfriends friends girlfriend who gave me a number of the boyfriends father who came and helped jump start me.

That cut shopping out so drove all the way home and will have to go back again another day to do the christmas shopping...

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